"IES Migrant Shelter Under Scrutiny of Government"

The Brownsville Herald

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This story shined light into the mystery closure of the nonprofit immigrant shelter International Educational Services, which abruptly closed its doors, firing hundreds of employees. IES refused to explain why. The Office of Refugee Resettlement also refused to answer questions. So The Herald filed a FOIA seeking any letters sent to IES explaining the closure. After six months of continually calling and bugging ORR FOIA representatives, The Herald finally received the documentation, which revealed nepotism and wrongdoing on behalf of IES. While fighting for the FOIA, The Herald also dug through tax records and worked sources who pointed the reporter in the right direction in where to look. The end result was a story about the misuse of millions in grant funds at a shelter that held undocumented immigrant children.

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Submitted by Ryan Henry.