The Learning Lab

The Headliners Foundation’s website provides dozens of timely interviews and presentations with leading Texas reporters and editors who share how they produce prize-willing journalism and discuss issues confronting today’s fast-changing media strategies. Many of these interviews reveal how a news outlet’s resources are marshaled and deployed to break a story online and then move quickly to cover all aspects of the story across multiple media formats.

These examples are educational opportunities for working journalists, and can also be utilized by journalism faculty as in-class content or for lesson assignments.


Top Journalist Interviews

Veteran journalists Mark Morrison, Chairman of the Headliners Foundation Board of Governors, and Neal Spelce, a Governor emeritus, conduct the interviews with our prize-winning journalists. The segments are produced for online distribution by our former chair, Gary Pickle. In these interviews, the focus is on how good journalism gets done. These case studies provide great examples for journalists who want to improve their investigative skills.

Foundation Blog

Read the Foundation’s blog for updates from members of the Headliners Foundation Board of Governors and staff, regarding outlooks on our present and future interests and activities as the Foundation continues to support the idea of excellence in Texas journalism.

Featured Speaker Presentations & Panel Discussions

The Foundation is a marketplace of information and ideas that can help Texas journalist compete effectively in a multimedia world. We welcome input from top journalists and journalism educators in the form of timely analysis and commentaries.