“Indoor Trampoline Injuries”

January 30, 2015


Indoor trampolines are one of the newer, popular activities for kids. KXAN learned hundreds of injuries happen at these play centers each year, but parents might never know about them. By law, many play places have to report injuries to the Texas Department of Insurance – so people can know the dangers that exist. But we discovered state legislators haven’t updated the law to include indoor trampoline centers. Because of our report, Rep. John Frullo, R-Lubbock, who chairs the House Insurance Committee decided it might be time to change the statute. Ahead of the next legislative session, Frullo plans to study the issue to bring forward legislation to address it.

After the initial investigation, KXAN kept digging into this outdated law to find the Texas Department of Insurance lacked enforcement power or statutory ability to penalize any amusement center required to report injuries to the agency. Additionally, investigators discovered other locations and rides the current law does not require to report – like certain rides at waterparks. As a result of this update, Rep. John Frullo is calling for a further interim study before the next legislative session to address TDI’s role and also the outdated requirements with the law.


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Submitted by Josh Hinkle.

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