“State of Neglect”

Andy Pierrotti
January 24, 2015


A 30 minute KVUE Defenders investigation uncovered a dramatic rise in abuse inside Texas nursing homes and a state agency allowing it to happen. While facilities receive millions from taxpayers, investigative reporter Andy Pierrotti found regulations hamstring the state’s ability to hold nursing homes accountable for continued neglect. The investigation also exposed thousands of medication errors, including nursing homes over-prescribing antipsychotic drugs more than any other state, increasing patients’ risk of death. As a direct result of our reporting, state lawmakers overwhelmingly passed new legislation called the “Three Strikes Rule,” which will prevent repeat violators from operating nursing homes in Texas, ultimately saving lives. In addition to airing on TV, the online edition provides more context, direct links to reports, audits and resources for families:

LINK to content online
LINK 2 to content online

Submitted by Andy Pierrotti.

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