“State Allows Sex Offenders to Work in Your Home”

January 30, 2015


Would you feel safe inviting a sex offender into your home? A KXAN investigation finds it could indeed happen because state agencies are issuing occupational licenses to sex offenders. After we interviewed a registered sex offender working as a home alarm installer, the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Private Security Board became aware and denied his application to work in that job. Because of our investigation, DPS says it’s now concerned applicants are starting to work before they are licensed, and it’s reporting that concern to lawmakers. We discovered 311 registered sex offenders have occupational licenses issued by the state to people convicted of crimes like child molestation and rape, mostly for jobs that could give them access to you or your home. The data show there are licensed plumbers, electricians, air conditioning installers and technicians, home inspectors, real esta te agents, nurses, physical therapists, and even a lawyer. The online version of the story gave viewers a searchable database to check before hiring someone in the future.

LINK to story online

UPDATE: Since the time of this showcase submission, a new law now closes the loophole exposed by the KXAN investigation. Read more here.

Submitted by Josh Hinkle.

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