"Pain and Profit"

The Dallas Morning News


Healthcare companies made billions of dollars while systematically denying life-sustaining drugs and treatments to thousands of sick kids and disabled Texans, a 16-month Dallas Morning News Investigation found. 

The companies profited by stalling or denying nursing services, medical equipment and therapy. And for lying about how many doctors they had available to treat patients. The state didn’t track lapses and almost never penalized the companies. Because of an inherently unfair appeals system, patients who were denied crucial services almost always lost. Taxpayers weren’t getting their money’s worth – and thousands of sick kids and disabled adults were suffering. 

Top health officials and lawmakers knew about these failures but had hidden them from the public. This investigation gave voice to the voiceless, prompted immediate and substantial reforms and broke new ground in exposing a shadowy intersection of business and government that has gone largely uncovered in a majority of states.

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Submitted by Chelsea Watkins.