“A Last Hope”

July 13, 2017


This series of reports delves into the hot-topic of medical marijuana. It’s the Texas legislature versus Governor Greg Abbott when it comes to expanding access to medical marijuana treatment in Texas.
The series starts out with an eight minute special report. Reporter Leslie Aguilar travelled to Aurora, Colorado to tell the story of a young family from Sullivan City, Texas. The parents uprooted their lives against the advice of family and friends as a last resort effort to give their daughter a better quality of life. In part two of that special report, we tell another family’s story. The Zartlers treat their young daughter with medical marijuana illegally in Texas. Those stories gained the attention of Governor Greg Abbott, who later granted Leslie an interview on the subject.
In this series of four separate news reports, we speak with three Texas families with different stories and backgrounds, medical professionals, marijuana growers, and politicians about efforts to legalize marijuana in Texas and beyond.

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Submitted by Leslie Aguilar.

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