“The Long Way Home”

The Dallas Morning News  
January 08, 2016 

We are pleased to submit The Long Way Home by Steve Thompson, which ran in January 2016.

Reported over the course of several months, thoughtfully structured and beautifully written, this narrative series takes readers into the lives of a homeless family trying to leave the shelter for a new life. Steve followed the family for weeks inside and outside the shelter, and witnessed most of the scenes he describes.

He did an amazing job of earning the family’s trust, and of presenting its members with empathy without glossing over their mistakes. His emphasis on the challenges of parenthood resonated with readers from all walks of life.

Gerry McCarthy’s beautiful, vivid and intimate photos take the tale to a higher level. And his powerful video, relying on Janice Hensley’s voice, is enough to bring tears to the eyes of even a hard-hearted reader.

Steve and Gerry successfully tackled a story about poverty that could have been cliched or condescending. Instead, we believe their work is clear-eyed, meticulously observed and moving. We hope you agree.

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Submitted by Keith Campbell.

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