“As the Population Grows the American Dream of Affordable Housing Fades”

Texas Public Radio  
January 18, 2016 

San Antonio is grappling with a housing crisis, and as the area prepares to add another one million people by 2040, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable, good quality housing. With this series of stories and our call-in program Texas Public Radio began a community conversation about how we are planning for the future.

From January 18-22, 2016, Texas Public Radio tackled the emerging housing crisis with a series of in-depth reports; additional web information; and a live call-in program. The stories and discussion was part of an ongoing TPR project, “Growing Pains.”

The challenges:

  • We looked at why the price of housing is rising faster than income, and what that means for middle-income families seeking the American dream.

  • Renters are also feeling squeezed. More than half are paying more than the recommended one-third of their salaries for rent. What are their options?

  • Residents in older areas face gentrification. They’re concerned the historic character of their neighborhoods will be jeopardized and middle-income dwellers will be forced out by new developments.

  • A community in the Texas Hill Country near San Antonio has become so trendy that people who work there can’t afford to live there.

We also looked at possible solutions:

  • The City of Austin has helped develop a neighborhood where people of all income levels can afford to live. What makes it work?

  • Our live, call-in program discussed solutions including affordable housing programs designed to assist home buyers and renters.

Note: All of the stories in our series are accessible through the web page where the initial report is posted. At the bottom of the page you’ll see related reports listed. Following are the segments and air dates in 2016:

Jan. 18 Home Ownership Slipping Beyond The Reach Of Some Middle-Income Families
Jan 19 Prices For Area Rentals Continue To Rise
Jan 20 Wealthy And Middle Income Earners Are Next Door Neighbors In Austin Community
Jan 21 Historic Neighborhoods Balance Preservation And Development
Jan 21 The Source: Affordable Housing Elusive, But Programs Exist To Help (Call-in program)
Jan 22 Fredericksburg Workforce Struggles To Find Affordable Housing

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