Star Online Journalists Link All Aspects of Comprehensive Story

Rachael Gleason and Jordan Rubio of the Houston Chronicle had a daunting challenge: How to best use the power of online media to present a sprawling story of the effect of an ill-advised Texas Education Agency cap on services to special education students in Texas schools.  The story, exhaustively researched and written by Chronicle investigative reporter Brian Rosenthal and supplemented by the deeply humanizing photography of Marie de Jesús, included a thousand interviews, dozens of stories and images, videos, charts and maps illustrating the widespread effect of the statewide denial of services.

Gleason and Rubio took this complex mix of information and developed a template in which all aspects of the story could be easily accessed by readers, and through which they could interact with the data,  journalists and with other readers.

Join Headliners Foundation Chairman Mark Morrison as he talks with Gleason and Rubio about how they approached the challenge of harnessing this big story for the Chronicle’s Internet audience.