2010 Best Breaking News Coverage (Television)


Jim Douglas, Senior Reporter and Josh Stephen, Senior Photojournalist were en route back to the WFAA-TV Fort Worth bureau from a previous assignment when they picked up from radio traffic that there had been a gas line rupture and explosion not too far from their current location.  Using whatever information they could find and their GPS unit, the pair managed to locate the fire and begin their coverage long before other news services were able to get to the scene.

Neal Spelce of the Headliners Foundation hosts both these outstanding journalists as they discuss how they and their newsroom put together their top-graded coverage from the ground up.

Use the link below to access the interview via Adobe Connect, which will open in another window in your browser.  This is a highly-compressed video stream and, depending on available bandwidth and other factors, you may encounter some display issues.

Interview with Jim Douglas and Josh Stephen