Lisa Falkenberg


Recipient of the Star Opinion Writer of the Year award in The Charles E. Green Awards (2015)

Lisa Falkenberg
Houston Chronicle


Judge’s Comments:

“Falkenberg’s twice-weekly column takes on formidable subjects and powerful people, pointing out flaws in the judicial process and the errors of politicians. She writes with flair, style and, most important all, impeccable fairness. In the past year, Falkenberg had the satisfaction of seeing a man she demonstrated was not guilty of the murder of a police officer innocent freed from prison after more than a decade behind bars, most of the time on death row. It was a shining moment when all the  charges against Alfred Dewayne Brown were dismissed, but is clear from the entries submitted that  Falkenberg is a tireless crusader for justice who knows how to engage and inform the Chonicle’s readers so that they  can share her empathy and understanding of the intricacies of the law and politics.”

Robert J. (Bob) Cox

Robert J. (Bob) Cox was editor-in-chief of the Buenos Aires Herald during the Argentine  dictatorship, leaving in December 1979 following death threats to his family. 

A Nieman fellowship enabled him to resume his career in Charleston, South Carolina, where he served as assistant editor of The Post and Courier for more than 20 years.

Cox headed the Freedom of the Press committee of the Inter-American Press Association for a number of years as well as serving as the Association’s president in 2001-2002. 

Cox currently teaches journalism ethics at the University of El Salvador in Buenos Aires and worked as a columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald. 

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