The Foundation’s investment in future journalists (2013/2014)

During the 2013/2014 school year, the Headliners Foundation supported  eight talented student journalists across the State.  Below is a story from one of them.

“After transferring to Texas Tech University during my sophomore year, I found a place to call home – The Daily Toreador newsroom. Beginning as a news reporter, producing about six stories a week with topics ranging from the presidential election to the Boston Marathon bombing, I worked my way to becoming summer editor in chief of The Daily Toreador. In this position I discovered my fascination with design and continued these skills with my role as fall and spring news editor.”

“Being a first-generation student as well as a nontraditional, married student, I have relied on academic success and ambition to finance my college career. The support from the Headliners Foundation has allowed me to fully delve into my journalistic pursuits without the worry of finding a supplemental job.”

“When I graduate in December 2014, I plan to pursue a career as a feature writer and would like to write about music and human interests, as I have done in the past with “Lubbock Experiences Gigantour,” and “Minister Preaches to Enlighten Students.”

By Catherine McKee
Journalism major
Texas Tech University