“Up In Flames”

San Antonio Express-News  
December 28, 2014 

2014 Showcase Honorable Mention – Judges’ CommentsProducing a very impressive year-long project, the Express-News team analyzed millions of documents, public data bases and public records, much of which was not in readily accessible formats. The strong descriptive writing – combining statistics with excellent storytelling – made the stories easy to follow for readers, the shale industry, and politicians. Good human elements, balanced reporting, animation and interactive graphics enhanced the presentation. The shale oil boom in Texas has received major media coverage and has provided a boost to the state’s economy, but it has come with consequences. The Express-News focused on the practice of “flaring,” which wastes a valuable resource and may penalize landowners in an effort to maximize production. It documented lack of state oversight and, in the spirit of the Showcase Awards’ mission, proposed solutions.


Oil and gas companies rushing to drill in the Eagle Ford Shale since 2009 have burned and wasted billions of cubic feet of natural gas — enough to meet the needs for an entire year of every San Antonio-area household that relies on the fossil fuel.

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Submitted by Dino Chiecchi.

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