“Judge Guy Williams Indictment”


Corpus Christi Caller-Times  
May 17, 2017

No one should be above the law.

It’s a guiding theme in the reporting done by Krista M. Torralva and Eleanor Dearman on a South Texas judge with a pattern of alleged misconduct.

When Torralva found herself unable to get answers from people who knew of reported road rage she used records to get to the truth of the matter. She was not deterred by the countless “no comments” and delays in turning over public documents.

Her records requests for police reports and court filings revealed a judge had been accused not once but many times over the years of road rage. The latest incident involved allegations he brandished a gun and threatened another driver, records showed. That exclusive would be the first of many in this investigative effort that spanned months. Dearman also found that a trail of records, which she had to also fight to obtain, contained even more shocking allegations. This time the allegations centered around a complaint that the judge had groped at least one woman at a party. Still he remained on the bench. Later Dearman was able to confirm it was three women — including another sitting judge — who had accused him of groping them at a party.

The judge was put on suspension after a grand jury indicted him on charges of aggravated assault in the latest road rage case. He has proclaimed his innocence and now awaits a criminal trial. He recently opted not to seek another term. If not for their reporting and determination to hold elected officials accountable the public may have never known about any of these allegations.

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Submitted by Mary Ann Cavazos.

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