“ABC 7 investigation finds inconsistencies in Amarillo red light cameras”

May 22, 2017


ABC 7 looked into TXDOT records of the number of tickets given at the eight red light camera intersections in Amarillo. The data revealed several inconsistencies. Some cameras greatly increased the number of tickets given out during a one year period while other cameras saw a big decrease in ticket numbers. The data didn’t explain the reason for the jump or decrease in tickets, so ABC 7 spent time observing each of the cameras in question. Observation revealed that some cameras were firing when no cars were in the intersection while other cameras didn’t fire at all when cars ran the red light. This investigation was done just months before the City of Amarillo needed to make a decision on renewing its contract for red light cameras. Results of the investigation were taken to the Amarillo Traffic Advisory Board and city council. The investigation continued as ABC 7 pressed for answers about terms of the new red light camera contract and maintenance of the cameras. The Traffic Advisory Board ultimately decided to recommend to renew the red light camera contract and increase the number of red light camera intersections in Amarillo, but, because of the ABC 7 investigation, the red light camera intersections will now be chosen based on traffic data. Some current intersections will have their red light cameras removed because traffic data shows cameras are not necessary. The city also requested changes to the terms of the new red light camera contract based on the investigation.

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Submitted by Niccole Caan.

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