“ABC 7 investigates: Six months later, AEDC still without written policies”


February 02, 2017

An ABC 7 investigation in 2016 revealed that the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), which is mostly taxpayer-funded, had little accountability on how $2 million of taxpayer money was spent on travel. Receipts from a public records request showed AEDC executives had memberships to two country clubs, purchased alcohol, stayed in high-end hotels and played $1,000 rounds of golf at exclusive courses. The interim AEDC president said travel policies existed for the organization, but not in written form. The budget for the AEDC is approved by city council and the councilors specifically requested written travel policies be developed when the 2017 AEDC budget was approved. ABC 7 found half a year later in 2017, AEDC written travel policies still did not exist. Almost a year after the initial investigation, the AEDC drafted four pages of a formal, written travel spending policy.
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Submitted by Niccole Caan.

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