“Preparing for Zika in Texas”

Texas Public Radio  
August 22, 2017 

As concern over the health threat of Zika grew in 2016, Texas Public Radio began a lengthy project to inform and educate our community. Texas is one of the states at most risk from the initial outbreak in the U.S. This series of stories that aired on Texas Public Radio in August 2016 highlighted some of the biggest concerns Texas residents have about Zika, including the threat to unborn babies; the impact on the safety of the blood supply; the possibility the virus will spread across the border from Mexico; and mosquito control efforts locally. We’ve included links to other parts of the series at the bottom of this initial story. You will find a recording of a public forum Texas Public Radio hosted for the community in August 2016 in conjunction with UT Health San Antonio. Experts in epidemiology, infectious disease and obstetrics answered questions and educated people about the risks involved with the spread of the Zika virus. We also created a special webpage called “Preparing for Zika in Texas”. We continue to update it with an interactive map showing where Zika cases are being diagnosed in Texas, FAQs, and current stories, including extensive coverage of the first cases of Zika spread by local mosquitoes in Texas in Brownsville in November 2016..

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Submitted by  Shelley Kofler.

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