“Tombstone Tragedy”

May 04, 2015

As a direct result of our story, the county confirmed it would re-evaluate its policies regarding tombstones. While all the other stations did a day turn about the tragic death of a young boy when a tombstone fell at him while visiting his grandmother’s grave, we got in contact with the family and continued to ask questions. We wondered how this could happen and we showed viewers first-hand in a live shot how easy it was to topple a headstone in the cemetery which is open to the public 24 hours a day. No guardrails, no restrictions. Since our report aired, we have done a follow up story about the lawsuit now standing against the county from the family of the young boy who died. We dug deeper and uncovered that the tragic story which unfolded could easily happen again.

The web copy is no longer active because we switched companies and our website was changed mid-year.

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Submitted by Matthew Rist.