“Moms to Monsters”

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 
December 20, 2015


For four months, Senior Reporter Deanna Boyd delved into the rarely explored crime of mothers accused of harming their children through medical abuse, also known as Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy. Her resulting series, Moms To Monsters, educated the public on this unthinkable crime, shedding light on how many law enforcement agencies and even CPS are not trained to recognize and investigate such crimes but how one county is working to change that. The project included a chilling interview with a mother imprisoned for unnecessarily withdrawing blood from her young daughter, as well as insight from the woman’s own mother and ex-husband. It also looks at five other Tarrant County cases, in which most of the mothers only received probation. In the short time since the story ran, officials fielded two new reports of possible medical child abuse.

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Submitted by Deanna Boyd.

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