“Hidden Histories Help Teachers Land New Jobs”

September 05, 2015


A KXAN Investigation finds – whether it is poor classroom performance or inappropriate contact with students – your child’s teacher or coach could be hiding a troubled past, sometimes with the help of former employers. A public school employee’s personnel file is public information for anyone who requests to see it. That file includes all sorts of information, including any disciplinary issues with that employee. But we’ve learned school districts do not always ask for those records when they hire a teacher. Plus – while personnel files include disciplinary records – teachers sometimes reach separation agreements with school districts that could prevent future employers from finding out about their past. In those agreements, the teacher agrees to resign and the school district agrees to put records detailing their problems into a separate, confidential file future employers might never see. According to documents obtained under the Texas Freedom of Information Act, KXAN discovered most every school district across Central Texas has used these agreements. Our investigation raised concern for State Representative Tony Dale, whose district covers parts of Austin, Pflugerville and Round Rock school districts. As a result, Dale has requested an interim study be conducted prior to the next legislative session to examine the issue. This story includes two parts. Both video clips are in the same link below.

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Submitted by Josh Hinkle.

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