“Abbott’s Houston Raid Didn’t End With Arrests, but Shut Down Voter Drive”

The Dallas Morning News  
August 30, 2014 


As Texas prepared to elect a new governor and Attorney General Greg Abbott defended the state’s decision to check voter ID at the polls, Dallas Morning News reporter Jim Drew became the first reporter to unover details of a voter fraud investigation by Abbott’s office which not only failed to result in any indictments, but also disenfranchised thousands of potential voters in Houston, where the state’s political future hangs in the balance in a longterm battle between Republican and Democrat votes. Abbott preaches the rightousness of fighting voter fraud, but the story reveals that his office’s zealous effort has, at least in this case, merely kept more people away from the polls. The story was widely distributed by wire services and the Houston Chronicle found it important enough to salute the work in an editorial, even though the work was accomplished by a rival news outlet in their own backyard. (Very classy.) The story is now an important part of ths historical record of a man likely to one day be a candidate for the presidency of the United States.

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Submitted by James Drew.

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