“84% of Donations Never Reach Veterans”


November 10, 2014 

KXAN was contacted by a disabled veteran who was denied help from the Austin-based Texas VFW Foundation. That triggered our investigation into the non-profit foundation, The Texas VFW, and solicitors hired to raise money for veterans groups across the state. Our investigation uncovered most of the money donated to veterans charities doesn’t go toward helping a single veteran. Digging deeper, KXAN uncovered millions of dollars donated to a variety of veterans charities mostly going in the pockets of fundraisers. We examined financial reports those solicitors are required to submit to the Texas Secretary of State – which launched a review of veterans charities financial reports as a result of our digging. The agency later forced those groups to submit their reports. The Texas VFW soon reviewed its own records and fired one of its solicitors.

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Submitted by Brian Collister.

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