“Troubled Waters: The State of Texas Rivers”

Texas Tribune  
July 19, 2013 


Between July and December, Texas Tribune reporters set out across this massive state to explore the history, health and future of some of Texas’ most important and legendary waterways. Border reporter Julian Aguilar wrote about the interstate and international legal battles plaguing the 1,900-mile Rio Grande. Environmental reporter Neena Satija explored the tug-of-war the Colorado River is caught in amid the West’s prolonged drought. Infrastructure reporter Aman Batheja covered the reuse efforts underway on the Trinity River, which must serve three of Texas’ biggest cities. Video reporter Alana Rocha documented the troubles facing the famous Guadalupe River, home to most of Texas’ drunken young tubers. And reporter Morgan Smith explained the ecological changes taking place on the remote Pecos River, problems wrought by the manmade lakes bookending its passage through Texas. Our interactive team displayed the months-long project with an interactive Texas rivers map, giving readers the opportunity to navigate stories by clicking on individual rivers. Several of the stories ran in both the Tribune and The New York Times. The Troubled Water series was elegantly produced and smartly executed. It provides a comprehensive look at the challenges facing Texas rivers in a state whose leadership consistently refutes evidence of climate change, even while battling for additional water resources. Thank you for your consideration.

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Submitted by Emily Ramshaw.

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