“Bill of Health”

Time Warner Cable News  
September 09, 2013 


Three years after President Obama’s landmark health care legislation became law, major changes to health care coverage took effect in 2014. As the only nightly, live political show in Texas, the Capital Tonight staff had the unique opportunity to dedicate time and resources to fully explain the legislation and its impact on Texans.

This submission is the first show in a week-long series on the Affordable Care Act, called “Bill of Health.’ While the broad strokes of the plan were generally understood, many questions remained as to how it would be be implemented across the country, what action citizens would be required to take and how the law would impact businesses.

We dedicated half an hour each evening to delving into different aspects of the law by way of reporter packages, expert panel discussions and political interviews. Topics ranged from how Texans should go about enrolling in the federal marketplace to the debate over Medicaid expansion and how the political climate here in Texas played into the larger picture.

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Submitted by Sarah Grady.

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